Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Captain underpants weed his pants. ‘’Please help me change’’ he said to Bob. ‘’Why did you wee your pants’’ said Bob. ‘’ I  was riding my horse too long, I was coming to hunt for some rabbits because my dog loves eating them’’. ‘’I'm glad you're here because I need your help to save my town a toilet is terrorizing my people and all the poop is slopping over the sides and they're all stepping in it”.’’I've seen him before...He is my ARCH ENEMY, I need to change my under pants first then I'll help you flush that smelly, putrid toilet man away’’.

He changed into some lady's underwear. That's all they had. Quickly he went to the town and stepped into some sloppy, droopy, smelly poop-squish squash splash.’’EW EW  EW I STEPPED IN POOOOO, I'll flush that guy DOWN’’. He turned around to see toilet man  ‘’We meet again…’’

Toilet man leaps towards Captain underpants. SPLASH the poo gets all over his face and his white horse. Captain underpants grabbed a plunger then finishes toilet man off. In these days its called Poo land now Captain underpants is a HERO!!!!!                                                                            


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